I am offering a different approach to martial arts instruction along with better explanation of how and why traditional martial arts is practical today. Hapkido is not for trophies, titles, or honors. D.M. Simpson Hapkido is about self-defense. Are you ready to defend yourself and those entitled to your protection? Good unarmed skills can get you where you need to be and get to what you are going to use for self defense. Now you have called for help. What are you going to do until help arrives? D.M. Simpson Hapkido has answers that unpractical workouts and routines will not give you. Come try a free trial class and see the difference. Let experience, knowledge, and unarmed skills that can not be taken away replace fears and doubts. Come try a free trial class and see the difference.

I teach the Korean Martial Art of Hapkido. My school is a United States Korean Martial Arts Federation School.


Hapkido: a defensive soft-style that covers circular motion, non-resisting movements, and control of the opponent. Students seek to gain advantage through footwork and body positioning to employ leverage, avoiding the use of strength against strength. This style also covers powerful strikes (kicks, hand strikes, and blocks) and various weapons to stop a threat. The founder of Hapkido is Grand Master Choi Yong-Sool.


This martial art requires self-discipline and time to learn. In general, a student in Hapkido can be expected to earn a black belt within 4 years or more if they are committed to learning, missing as few classes as possible. Note average people do not earn a black belt in Hapkido. It is the above average person that excels and earns what is theirs.


Time, practice, and experience create a better martial artist. There is a set minimum number of classes between each rank. The true time it takes to earn the next rank after the minimum amount of classes rest upon the efforts and skill of the student who follows the instruction of his instructor. Practice makes perfect!


This martial art style engages the mind and challenges the body in a way that will feel unnatural to beginners at first. We strongly caution beginning students to reserve judgment as to whether or not to continue the journey. Learning a true martial art is a journey not a race to black belt and earning a black belt is not the end to the journey. Earning a black belt is like finishing high school; for the true martial artist it is time for college. There is no end to training or learning for the true martial artist.


Self-Defense: D.M. SIMPSON HAPKIDO, LLC strives to be different from many other schools that have turned Martial Arts into a sport. We do not teach sport or competing with others. In Hapkido we compete with ourselves with the daily goal of self-improvement. Our key focus is to teach self-defense and promote a good mental and physical life style.



It matters who we train with in Hapkido and other martial arts.

The water is purest closest to the source.

1. Choi Yong Sool (Founder)

2. Won Kwang Wha

3. Dr. He-Young Kimm

(Founder of Han Mu Do)

4. J.R. West

(President/Founder of United States Korean Martial Arts Federation in Jackson, Ms.)

5. Paul Johnson Sr. & Jr.

(Owner Tiger Martial Arts, LLC Prairieville, La.)