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JA Oubre


Master Duane has taught me and my three daughters for years. We were devastated when he moved from Louisiana to Mississippi. They are still not over it! You will not find a better Hapkido teacher for kids (and adults) or a better role model for your babies! If you want to learn life saving skills, you want to learn from Duane. We have been contemplating taking a 3.5 hour drive just to train with him again!

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Susan Lopez


Master Duane is an awesome instructor. My daughter began taking Hapkido lessons in 2014 with Master Duane while he was at Tiger Martial Arts in Louisiana. He helped inspire confidence, strength, and a skill that my daughter will carry for a lifetime. My daughter still loves Hapkido and because of Master Duane and the great instructors at Tiger Martial Arts she is still in Hapkido.I highly recommend D.M. Simpson Hapkido. No matter what your age, Hapkido is a great art to learn. I am 49 and I just started taking the class with my daughter 😊

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Cheryl Melton


My daughter started her Martial Arts training with Duane in 2015 and has become inspired to continue with Hapkido. He not only helped me understand what Hapkido was about but also helped her gain more self confidence and knowledge. We were sad when he left Tiger Martial Arts but know he has the ability to inspire and teach everyone who wants to learn Hapkido.

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Jack Harless


I have trained with Master Duane Simpson in group and private classes from a white belt through 2nd degree black belt which took about 9 years.  I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable in many styles of martial arts, especially Hapkido.  I highly recommend Master Simpson as an instructor in the art of Hapkido.

I would not be where I am today without the help, training and guidance of Master Simpson.

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Brandon Cooper 


Master Duane Simpson has asked me to write a letter of recommendation on his behalf. It is with great honor that I do so.

Master Duane is a great martial Arts instructor whom has earned my respect over the past 5 years. His knowledge of the art is second to none. His ability to teach a wide array of ages is admirable. It has been an honor to have earned my black belt under the instruction of Master Duane. In addition, my daughter has also taken Hapkido instruction from Master Duane.

In my opinion, Master Duane Simpson, is a great martial art instructor and he will serve as an asset to all those he teaches.

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Brad Hollis


Duane & I started Martial Arts together back in 1983, i think it was, in Tang Soo Do .We lost touch for a few years, but I called him when I decided to switch schools for my daughter. I am so glad I did, he is an awesome instructor, Randi loves him. I really hated to see him move, but I understand. I even started back taking from him in the adult Hapkido class. We are closer friends now than before. I would highly recommend his school to anyone wanting to start their kids in Martial Arts, or any adult as well who may be starting out or just continuing thier training. He is a Veteran, a Master Instructor who is down to earth, easy to talk to & work with, & a great friend. I wish him all the luck in the world on this new chapter in his life.